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Gary Jones - September 11, 2017

MasterWP is a quality weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals. Check it out!

Jeff - May 19, 2017

If you're looking for a high quality WordPress newsletter, check out MasterWP by @AlexDenning and @BinaryMoon

Remkus de Vries - July 12, 2017

Started following the MasterWP weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals three weeks ago 10/10 would recommend

Bridget Willard - July 18, 2018

One of the only newsletters I actually read.

Wholegrain Digital - July 5, 2017

Great stuff as always >> Friends, if you didn't sign up yet check out back issues and sign up for the next one!

Ana Segota - March 21, 2017

A newsletter for WordPress professionals to look forward to, by great guys @BinaryMoon & @AlexDenning ❤

WP Chat - April 1, 2017

Not an April Fool's joke. This is genuinely a great newsletter!

Coach Birgit Olzem - June 5, 2017

Just found & subscribed. MasterWP is a quality weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals. Check it out!

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Ben Gillbanks - WordPress developer

Hi, I’m Ben!

I’m a WordPress theme developer. I built one of the most popular themes on, one of the first “magazine style” themes and co-founded leading WordPress theme shop Pro Theme Design.

I’m an experienced developer, serving for over a decade as Director of Web Development at one of the largest websites in the world.

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Alex Denning - marketing for WordPress businesses

Hey, I’m Alex!

I run Ellipsis Marketing, where we solve marketing problems for WordPress businesses. If you're running a WordPress business and need marketing help, then get in touch!

I love sharing ideas and have written for some of the biggest and most respected blogs around.

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