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What is MasterWP?

MasterWP is a weekly email for WordPress professionals - currently sent to over 1,293 subscribers!

Each week we find five interesting articles, resources and apps that help WordPress users and developers to be better at their job.

There are a lot of places to find WordPress news; MasterWP stands out by finding readers the very best articles.

We often pick out content that is not WordPress specific but may be of interest or useful. These cover things such as productivity, web development techniques, personal development, and business advice.

The first issue of MasterWP was published on Wednesday February 2nd 2017, and a new issue has gone out every week since.


The MasterWP emails are targeted at WordPress professionals. Each email has an average of a 42% open rate, and a 10% click rate - both of which are very good for weekly email newsletters.

50% of our audience are from the USA, 10% are from the UK, the remaining 40% are spread around the world. This shows that our emails have a good reach with native English speaking users.


Each issue of MasterWP is sponsored by a different company. Sponsors get:

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The newsletter is currently in the early days but growing quickly. We’re offering an introductory rate whilst we grow our subscriber numbers. This is:

Past Sponsors

Past sponsors include (but are not limited to):


If you would like to sponsor a block of four issues, or have some questions, then please email us (Ben and Alex) at [email protected].

Ben Gillbanks - WordPress developer

Hi, I’m Ben! I’m a WordPress theme developer. I built one of the most popular themes on, one of the first “magazine style” themes and co-founded leading WordPress theme shop Pro Theme Design.

I’m an experienced developer, serving for over a decade as Director of Web Development at one of the largest websites in the world.

Alex Denning - marketing for WordPress businesses

Hey, I’m Alex! I do marketing for WordPress businesses. I founded one of the most popular WordPress development tutorial blogs and do marketing full time.

I love sharing ideas and have written for some of the biggest and most respected blogs around.

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