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A bold magazine theme with a wide slider.

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Bromley is a flexible magazine theme for WordPress. Bromley takes the best elements of blogging themes – and manipulates them into something simple. Bromley is ideal for local community, fan magazines, and talking about updates in your industry.

Accessible to All

Bromley is a fully responsive theme. What this means is that it’s designed to scale nicely with different screen sizes – all the way from a 27 inch desktop down to a teeny weeny mobile phone screen – everything is kept readable and beautiful, allowing your readers to access the site from anywhere.

Custom Menu

Through the power of WordPress custom menu system Bromley gives you full control over the site menu. Or if you want it to be automated then your sites pages are displayed by default. What’s more, on large screens, the menu (and the site title) remain fixed at the top of the page. this gives your readers an easy, consistent way to navigate around the site – hopefully keeping them there longer increasing both your branding and your page views.

Bromley makes use of the WordPress Featured Content functionality. This allows you to tag your posts with a tag you define and then have them display more prominently in the theme. To make use of them simply select the post tag you want to use and enter it on the “Appearance → Customize → Featured Content” page in the Featured Content area. Then, just tag up the posts you want to be flagged as special and Bromley will make the most of them. As you can see in the screenshot below – the Featured content looks great when it has a Featured Image selected.


Bromley supports 3 sets of custom widgets. Widgets are a powerful addition that allow you to add and arrange all sorts of flexible content containers to your site. For example you can display a list of your latest posts, or display your blogs latest comments.

Of the 3 sets of widgets – 2 are available in the right hand sidebar, and one in the footer. If you decide you don’t want any of the widget areas then you can leave them empty and the theme will automatically rearrange itself to take this into account.

The first sidebar will display on the homepage, the second will display on the blog post pages. This gives you full control of your website content – allowing you to structure things however you wish. If you remove the widgets making the sidebar empty then Bromley will make the rest of the site content wider bringing a stronger focus to your content. This powerful addition allows you to layout the site you want.

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Hi, I’m Ben!

I’m a WordPress theme developer. I built one of the most popular themes on, one of the first “magazine style” themes and co-founded leading WordPress theme shop Pro Theme Design.

I’m an experienced developer, serving for over a decade as Director of Web Development at one of the largest websites in the world.

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