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The original magazine theme.

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Mimbo Pro is a magazine theme for WordPress. Unlike a traditional blog theme it takes your content and formats it in a structured way grouped by category. Using all of the standard WordPress functionality, custom headers, custom backgrounds, post thumbnails, custom navigation and more – Mimbo Pro makes your content look awesome.

At the top of the homepage is a featured content space. This lets you show off your most important content. By default you Mimbo Pro displays all posts here – however you can restrict the content to specific categories by using the theme control panel – and selecting a featured category.


Mimbo Pro features a homepage carousel that shows off your featured content. You can edit the carousel settings through the theme options.

The carousel options allow you to change the carousel categories, the scroll speed of the category. 0 = no automatic scrolling, and a number greater than 0 is the amount of time to pause between scrolling. If you want you can also hide the carousel by selecting the hide option in the category selection.

Category Summaries

Mimbo Pro allows you to display your categories on the homepage along with the 4 latest posts. We call this section the category summaries. By default all categories are displayed, however you can limit the theme to specific categories through the control panel.

Custom Sidebars

Mimbo Pro uses a series of custom sidebars to allow you to keep things nice and flexible.

Custom Widgets

Mimbo Pro includes some custom widgets that are unique to the theme.</p>

Custom Templates

Mimbo Pro includes some custom page templates. These give you some additional functionality that you wouldn’t get with a normal theme.

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Ben Gillbanks - WordPress developer

Hi, I’m Ben!

I’m a WordPress theme developer. I built one of the most popular themes on, one of the first “magazine style” themes and co-founded leading WordPress theme shop Pro Theme Design.

I’m an experienced developer, serving for over a decade as Director of Web Development at one of the largest websites in the world.

Alex Denning - marketing for WordPress businesses

Hey, I’m Alex!

I run Ellipsis Marketing, where we solve marketing problems for WordPress businesses. If you're running a WordPress business and need marketing help, then get in touch!

I love sharing ideas and have written for some of the biggest and most respected blogs around.

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